Prof. Heidi Sherman awarded a Title VIII Fellowship

Heidi Sherman (History and Humanities) has been awarded a Title VIII Fellowship by Indiana University Bloomington to pursue intensive language study at the Summer Language Workshop in Summer 2021.  The fellowship will support participation in virtual classes in advanced Russian language, which will assist in furthering Prof. Sherman’s work on a monograph of the Viking town, Staraia Ladoga.

Lecturer Xan Bozzo invited to give talk on digital ethics

Gartner, Inc. has asked lecturer Xan Bozzo (Philosophy & Humanities) to give a talk on digital ethics to a number of their clients. Gartner is a leading IT research and advisory company that operates in over 100 countries and is a member of the S&P 500. Bozzo will discuss the basics of business ethics (such as the difference between morality and legality) as well as current and cutting-edge issues (such as emerging ethical dilemmas pertaining to AI and machine learning). The talk is not public and is reserved for Gartner clients.

Pao Lor’s ‘Modern Jungles’ explores his childhood journey from Laos to Green Bay | The Capitol Times

“It’s my story but it mirrors the Hmong American experience,” says Lor, an associate professor of education at UW-Green Bay. “Hmong, especially Hmong Americans, always have an identity crisis. They feel like an orphan. They don’t feel they have a country they could go back to or call their own. Going from one end of civilization to the other end is very much the Hmong experience.”

Source: Pao Lor’s ‘Modern Jungles’ explores his childhood journey from Laos to Green Bay | Arts and Theater | The Capitol Times

Reminder: Philosophers’ Café event this Wednesday

The rise and speed with which globalization has spread across the world have increasingly brought different ethnic and cultural groups into greater contact than ever before. Wars, famine, and climate change have also increased the numbers of refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers which, in turn, has led to increased cultural conflict as well as renewed nationalism and ethnocentrism. But is conflict unavoidable? Are multicultural societies still possible or are integration and assimilation the goal again for most societies? Is the globalization of the future only an economic and neo-liberal construct or can it be positively applied to culture? Please join on Wednesday, March 10 to discuss these important issues. The discussion will be moderated by UW-Green Bay Prof. David Coury (German and Humanities).

Join the Zoom event Wednesday, March 10, from 7 to 8:30 p.m.

Melt This Frozen Heart: Whiteout and Written in the Stars

Melt This Frozen Heart: Whiteout and Written in the Stars is Associate Professor Jessica Lyn Van Slooten’s latest installment in her monthly ‘Happy Hearts’ column on Van Slooten is a professor of English, Writing Foundations, Humanities, and Women’s & Gender Studies at UW-Green Bay, Manitowoc Campus.

Faculty note: Prof. Ortiz appointed to the Equal Rights Commission of the city of Green Bay

UW-Green Bay Prof. Cristina Ortiz (Humanities, Global Studies and Spanish) has been appointed as a member of the Equal Rights Commission of the city of Green Bay. The Commission task is to monitor efforts to eliminate discrimination within city government and the Green Bay community. Ortiz’s appointment will expire on Feb. 1, 2023.

Faculty note: Humanities and History lecturer Kevin Kain named Associate of Virtual Open Research Lab

Senior lecturer Kevin Kain (Humanities and History) has been designated as an Associate of Virtual Open Research Laboratory (VORL) program at the Russian, Eastern European and Eurasian Center, the University of Illinois in Spring 2021 for his research project “Resurrection ‘New Jerusalem’ Monastery in Reigns of Empresses Elizabeth I and Catherine II: Patronage, Power, Sacralization and Legitimacy.” The VORL provides specialized long-distance library research on Central and East Europe and the Independent States of the former Soviet Union. The VORL is funded in part by the US Department of State through its Title VIII Program, which aims to strengthen U.S. expertise and policy-relevant knowledge about the REEES region.