Nesslein, student talk minimum wage for Press-Gazette front page

Economics Prof. Thomas Nesslein — and a UW-Green Bay student — helped offer some context on President Obama’s minimum wage proposal for a front-page story in Tuesday’s (March 5) Green Bay Press-Gazette. Just one in 11 minimum wage workers is the head of a household, and an increase of the type Obama is proposing would have little effect on poverty levels, Nesslein said. “It’s really kind of sad that it’s not effective,” he told reporter Maria Amante. “People focus on the wrong issue. If you raise the minimum wage above the going market wage, the lowest productivity workers will lose their jobs or have hours cut back.” Amante also spoke with student Tierany Rugg, who said a larger paycheck wouldn’t equate to more bang for her buck. “Minimum wage goes up, gas goes up, groceries go up,” Rugg said, “…the cost of living would be increased.” Full story.