WiSys VentureHome initiative will add comprehensive support for Green Bay entrepreneurs

Chancellor Alexander meets with VentureHome-Green Bay leaders
Chancellor Alexander meets with VentureHome-Green Bay leaders

GREEN BAY—Green Bay area startups will soon have an additional support system: WiSys VentureHome-Green Bay. UW-Green Bay is a proud partner.

Opening with a launch celebration on Nov. 9, 2021, WiSys VentureHome-Green Bay is partnering to support local entrepreneurs in bringing ideas, innovations and technologies into the marketplace.

WiSys VentureHome-Green Bay, a partnership between WiSys, the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and the Greater Green Bay Chamber, will be located at The Urban Hub, 340 North Broadway, Suite #200 in downtown Green Bay.

“The goal is to provide everything your startup needs under one roof,” said WiSys President Arjun Sanga. “A WiSys VentureHome organizes key central and local resources in one place—like a Home Depot for entrepreneurs. This program is additive and non-competitive with local initiatives.”

At WiSys VentureHome-Green Bay, entrepreneurs will have easy access to:

  • The Urban Hub coworking community that is supportive of startup development and connections.
  • Local and statewide ecosystems of resources.
  • Concierge service from startup experts.
  • Connection to a statewide network of entrepreneurs and mentors.
  • Research and patented technologies from the UW System.
  • Established entrepreneurship toolkits and workshops.
  • The Blueprint Green Bay accelerator program.

The WiSys VentureHome initiative aims to establish startup hubs in communities with University of Wisconsin System campuses by working with local partners. Serving UW System faculty, staff, students and alumni, as well as local community members, the hubs will benefit from a strong connection to the UW System and local community resources.

Green Bay was chosen as the site for the second WiSys VentureHome for its thriving entrepreneurial community and the strong connections between the University and community. The pilot launched in Eau Claire in February 2020.

“UW-Green Bay is proud to partner with WiSys and the Greater Green Bay Chamber on VentureHome-Green Bay,” said UW-Green Bay Chancellor Michael Alexander. “We strive to use collaboration to strengthen our region and drive economic activity. This project is a great example of how we can work together to strengthen opportunities for entrepreneurs and support our community.”

WiSys VentureHome-Green Bay will be located inside the Greater Green Bay Chamber’s Urban Hub, a modern coworking community and space, nestled in the city’s Railyard Innovation District. Just like the WiSys VentureHome program, the Urban Hub is dedicated to building a robust ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship in the Green Bay community.

“We are always looking to partner in ways that boost the success of small businesses and entrepreneurs toward achieving their goals,” said Laurie Radke, president and CEO of the Greater Green Bay Chamber. “We’re excited about this collaboration with WiSys and the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay—adding this partnership will continue to build out our entrepreneurial ecosystem and adds to the reasons why Greater Green Bay is a great place to start your business.”

For more information, visit venturehome.org. For more information on the Urban Hub, visit here.

WiSys is a nonprofit organization that works with faculty, staff, students and alumni of the UW System to facilitate cutting-edge research programs, develop and commercialize discoveries and foster a spirit of innovative and entrepreneurial thinking across the state.


Contributed by Craig Sauer, WiSys | Marketing & Communications Associate





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