Video: Environmental Engineering Technology Program

As a child, Emma Loucks fell in love with the environment and the process of making maple syrup at her grandparents’ maple syrup farm. The Environmental Engineering Technology major combines her passion for solving environmental problems through innovative engineering solutions.

[Note to reader: this video includes information about UW-Green Bay’s Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering Technology]


Transcript: I chose this major because growing up I was always at my grandparents’ maple syrup farm learning about the process and falling in love with the environment. As time grew on my grandpa and I have discussed water quality parameters that involve with the treating of water and the making of the maple syrup, which is one aspect of this major that I really enjoy learning about. The Environmental Engineering Technology program is divided into two sections. The engineering section being more math-based and the environmental section being more lab and research-based. I am a student researcher a part of Dr Holly’s research lab. The main goal of our project is to create a low-cost filter media to remove agricultural runoff before it enters the waterway because phosphorus creates algal blooms, which is bad for our environment. One of my favorite classes in this degree is the Waste and Wastewater Treatment class. We are learning the principles behind wastewater treatment as well as putting it into practical terms in the lab and learning how to examine the contaminants in the water as well as learning how to treat on a small-scale level. Because this program includes a lot of calculus-based knowledge, it is very difficult to always understand and learn the concepts but the professors always find ways to give us more time to learn them. My passion to go into wastewater treatment is because I love to see the results that what we are doing in our research, in our labs, in our classes, is making a difference, creating a positive impact on the community and the water quality. I am Phoenix proud because I have seen the environmental problems in our world currently and UW-Green Bay has given me the opportunities to solve and treat them.

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