Watch this video featuring Bachelor of Theatre and Dance student Jasmine Christyne

Jasmine Christyne, majoring in Theatre and Dance, pursues her passion for performing arts at UW-Green Bay. From her childhood love of dancing, singing, and acting to her decision to join the Theatre and Dance Program, Christyne shares her experience of hands-on learning that is transformative. She comments that her professors’ passion-driven teaching makes it so “there’s nothing more that I want to do than go to class (to) learn and grow.” Christyne cites Choreography class, Stage Craft, Costume Tech and Voice Lessons as some of her favorite hands-on intensive classes in the major that will propel her to reach her dreams of Broadway and film. The UW-Green Bay mainstage productions are also highlighted by Christyne, specifically the DanceWorks production, which offers numerous opportunities for students to showcase their talents in dance, storytelling, and technical behind-the-scenes work.

[Note to reader: this video includes information about UW-Green Bay’s Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Dance]


Transcript: I chose UWGB’s Theatre and Dance Program because it felt right. When I was younger, I danced, I sung, I acted, there was really nothing else I really loved to do. When you find a school, you know that that’s the school for you. And one of my favorite things about all of my professors is that they are so passionate about what they love in their area emphasis in teaching us that there’s nothing more that I want to do than go to class like and learn and grow. Our Theatre and Dance Program offers a lot of hands-on learning so, Choreographers Workshop or Choreography class. You learn a lot, you grow a lot, it’s amazing. Any acting class, any. Stagecraft never thought I would learn as much as I did and it was amazing. Costume Tech didn’t know how to sew and now I do. Our Dance classes here and then voice lessons, those are some of my favorite courses here. One of our main stages is our DanceWorks. Think of it as like a theater production but the difference is it’s a dance concert so, we tell stories with our bodies. It’s also another great opportunity for our technical students if they want to get involved, lights is a big aspect of it, sound. We have a couple of main stage productions here and of course we have student productions but our main stage ones take place in our University Theatre. Last semester, I was blessed with the most amazing role that I could have possibly been cast in and that was Elizabeth and the production of IF/THEN, which is a beautiful show. I mean ultimately a Broadway right, that’s the dream but I also really want to get involved in film. So, I would love to be in movies. I love doing streaming platforms Netflix, HBO Max and just continue to tell stories I’m a Storyteller at heart. And this university has put that belief in me that I, I can do it and I hope future students also have that feeling. [Music]

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