Helping hands at Move In Day

A lot of people are involved in learning at UW-Green Bay, and a lot of people are willing to help incoming freshmen step into that process on the right foot.
Every year, dozens of UW-Green Bay faculty members, staff and student volunteers from all kinds of on-campus organizations (from athletes to band members to resident assistants) pitch in and help freshmen get settled into their residence halls or apartments. It’s an experience like few other campuses offer.

See what we mean by checking out this video:


Helping hands at UW-Green Bay’s Freshman Move-In Day

Sue Keihn, Dean of Students

We have over 800 freshmen moving in this morning. We know how important this experience this is in terms of a successful start for freshmen. Over 200 faculty and staff help with the move in. it’s an all campus event. I think that Residence Life has it very well organized and it seems to be going very smoothly.

Two freshmen women

The RA’s and all the people in the green shirts are very helpful today.

They were carrying stuff in for us and helping us unpack. That was very nice.

Mother wearing glasses

One of the reasons we chose UW-Green bay is everyone here is very friendly and very helpful and that was proven here today with everyone moving our stuff up to the room in 10 minutes. Every time we’ve been up here everyone’s been very helpful. (It’s been) a real pleasant atmosphere, very welcoming.

Freshman in hooded sweatshirt

Everything was pretty much taken care of right when we got here. When we got to the dorm room everybody was here and took stuff up for us. We didn’t really have to do anything. I carried up two backpacks for myself and that’s all I did. And everything was in the room by the time I got out of the room. So it was a lot of help and it was great just to have. It saved a lot of time for us.

Mother wearing hoop earrings

I just want to say that I’m very impressed about the service here. I’ve never seen this before. It’s just a lot of people helping people move inside the dorm. I’ve not seen that at other universities so I’m really impressed about that today.


Helping hands are common at UW-Green Bay. Every year, incoming freshmen get help moving in from dozens of UWGB faculty, staff and student volunteers. More than 800 freshmen live on campus and are moved in within a matter of hours.

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