UWGB, from Green Bay to Peru

David Verhagen, a 1974 UWGB graduate returned recently from a trip to Peru. For lunch, he found a clean, hospitable place that advertised organic, vegan and local Peruvian menu items.

Storefront of Alturas Kitchen, PeruAs he tells it… “The owner, Peter, was as enthusiastic and charming as one would ever hope a small business owner to be. He asked where I was from and was excited to hear I was from Wisconsin, and asked where I lived. When I said ‘Green Bay,’ he laughed and asked me to wait just one minute. He ran into the back room and emerged moments later with his pink UWGB hat placed proudly upon his head. Cool! I told him that both my wife and I had graduated from the school. He then told me that a previous guest had given him the hat after he complemented them on how good it looked. I told him I thought it looked great on him, too. So if you ever travel to Machu Picchu, you will wind up in Cuzco either arriving or departing. Look up Peter at Alturas Kitchen. You will enjoy the food and love the experience.” See the photo of Peter sporting his UWGB hat.


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