UW-Green Bay offices have option to close July 5, 2019


Memo regarding July 5 closures

Because the Independence Day legal holiday falls on Thursday, July 4, 2019, some UW-Green Bay offices may be closed on Friday, July 5, as well. Offices that close are asked to post notice on the departmental website and display a notice of office closure a week in advance including notice of when normal business hours will resume. They must also provide notice of office closure to the Office of Human Resources.

Human Resources issued a memo to campus area leaders and branch campus executive officers regarding office closures on Friday, July 5, 2019. “Consistent with HR 14-17-3 “Office Hours and Instructional Closure Policy,” the Chancellor has authorized the closure of applicable offices, Friday, July 5, 2019 for all UW-Green Bay Campuses subject to determination by area leaders. Please review the policy for specific application to your area.”

Per the memo, it will be at the discretion of area leaders to determine essential and non-essential functions and subsequent individual office closures for the day. Areas which are identified as essential functions under the policy will be required to be staffed on July 5. The provision of essential services on the Branch Campuses will be covered by the Green Bay Campus Offices (e.g. GBOSS will function as the office for all Branch Campuses).

Employees may choose to work on July 5. Any employee who elects to not work on Friday, July 5 must take applicable paid leave for this date, as this institutional closure does not represent an additional holiday.

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