Ceramic students have fun and fiery end to the semester

Students in Introduction to Ceramics (Art 230) ended the semester with a raku firing on Thursday (May 9, 2019). Raku is a glazing technique in which pieces are removed still-glowing hot from the kiln and shut in combustible material to create unpredictable glaze effects from the temperature shock, smoke and oxygen deprivation.  Each student chose two of their pieces from the pottery wheel coursework to be fired. The previously bisque fired and glazed vases were brought to temperature in the outdoor gas kiln, specially designated for raku. Under the supervision of Associate Prof. Minkyu Lee, students used tongs to move glowing hot pieces from the kiln into a pit of sawdust to be smothered. After smothering, pieces were brought out again and cooled with water.

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5/9/2019 - Raku Fire

– Photos by students Madeline Brey and Gabi Scheuren and auditor Kimberly Vlies

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