Phoenix NEWS Phlash: Campus Life email has a new look

Students returning from spring break found their familiar Campus Life email has a new look and a new name. The design (shown to the right) matches the spring 2019 Student Life and Good Times Programming printed calendar and the name, “Phoenix News Phlash” was the winning preference in a student survey conducted prior to the break.

The mailing still leads with Adam Novotny’s popular, “Next Week Today” student events highlight video and lists campus events, deadlines and announcements important to students.

Changes include new functionality and enhanced content. The visually-formatted layout is mobile optimized for comfortable reading on large or small screen sizes. The textual content is now enhanced with links to more information relevant to each item.

As before the redesign, email content continues to be compiled and distributed at the discretion of the Office of Student Life. Events and notices are collected via an online submission form.

In an effort to better serve students, the mailing now allows individual subscribers to manage their own subscription preferences and provides reports on which type of content and mailings result in the best engagement. Faculty and staff are also welcome to subscribe. To see a list of mailings in the new template and to subscribe, visit the Phoenix News Phlash archive page.

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