‘Posters in the Rotunda’ applicants?

The Institute for Research is requesting submission of student researcher applications to exhibit at the 7th annual ‘Posters in the Rotunda: Undergraduate Research on Display in Wisconsin’s Capitol’ on May 5 in Madison. “Please encourage your undergraduate students to consider joining students from other UW schools in presenting their undergraduate research…  This opportunity allows students to inform state legislators and others about the importance of supporting undergraduate research and education at the state and national levels. Entry applications must be e-mailed by April 12 to nonnl@uwgb.edu.

Please visit the Institute for Research website for further information and application details or contact Lidia Nonn, director of the Institute for Research, at (920) 465-2565 or nonnl@uwgb.edu or Charmaine Robaidek, Institute for Research, at 465-2784 or robaidec@uwgb.edu.

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