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GREEN BAY – UW-Green Bay has recently renamed a street behind the Kress Events Center as “Kevin Borseth Way” to honor the legacy and impact of the former head coach of the women’s basketball program amid his recent retirement announcement.

“On behalf of the University, this is a pretty rare thing to get a dedicated street,” said UW-Green Bay Chancellor Michael Alexander.

“One of the things I think that at universities we don’t always do a great job of, is honoring those that have made a profound difference  to the university. I think this is a really appropriate way that everyone forever now will drive by the Kress Center and will see on either side of how you enter, what that means for the excellence of what occurs in the Kress Center,” said Alexander.

Borseth announced his retirement on April 10th after concluding his 37th season as a head coach, amassing 821 wins. “This is a true testament to KB’s legacy here and it’s really unmatched. He is the greatest of all time, so we’re really excited,” said Josh Moon.

UW-Green Bay announced the hiring of Kayla Karius on April 23, to take over the program as the new head coach.

Karis is a former Phoenix player and will be the fourth coach in Green Bay women’s basketball history.

“Never in my wildest dreams had I ever envisioned anything like this or thought about it as a child. As a coach getting yourself in a game, winning big games and banging championships and all those types of things, but this isn’t something that really ever came onto the radar.

You know, for 20-something years, I drove down this road to go to games. I just hope that now I can park here and not get a ticket,” joked Borseth.

Borseth said that he was honored to have his name forever be a part of the Green Bay Phoenix campus.

“It served me really well. This was the path to get in past Mark King Field and Aldo Santaga Stadium and getting inside to see Carol’s Court and Dick Bennett Gymnasium. You know, I realize what those people mean to the university and in my mind how I look at them and look at their legacy, and now that sign’s going up, so it’s a little bit — I don’t want to say intimidating, but it certainly is very humbling,” said Borseth.

“Kayla. I mean, again I drove down this road — a lot of really good memories, and the road has served me extremely well. I hope it serves you, as well,” said Borseth.

Source: Kevin Borseth’s legacy enshrined forever – The Press

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