Employees can use sick leave if daycare closes due to COVID-19

A question that came in late to the Coffee Break inbox today, was regarding employees’ use of sick leave to cover daycare if a daycare closes due to COVID-19. Please note an interim sick leave policy is in place through June 30. Human Resources’ response:

“There is an interim sick leave policy in place (SYS 1200-07: Interim Sick Leave During Public Health Emergency) through June 30, 2021, which states that sick leave may be used during a public health emergency that is related to the 2019 novel coronavirus pandemic, for temporary care of members of the immediate family, or a child to whom the employee stands in loco parentis as defined under 29 CFR s. 825.122(d)(3), for a limited period of time for a reason that is specifically related to the public health emergency. More information can be found here: Leave Resources – faculty – Phoenix Forward – UW-Green Bay (uwgb.edu).”

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