Prof. Gurung creates online tool to help in psychology research

With backing from the Association for Psychological Science (APS) Fund for Teaching and Public Understanding of Psychological Science, UW-Green Bay Prof. Regan A. R. Gurung (Psychology) created an online resource designed to connect educational psychologists with the literature and tools necessary to conduct research on a larger scale. The Hub for Introductory Psychology and Pedagogical Research (HIPPR) provides the following:

  • Literature Central: A central clearinghouse for research on teaching Introduction to Psychology and pedagogy in general, providing research summaries from multiple disciplines to aid future research.
  • Collaborator Finder: Instructors can find collaborators, faculty who have similar pedagogical questions, or instructors willing to volunteer their classes/students for testing of pedagogical interventions.
  • Scales-n-More: A collection of questionnaires and surveys commonly used in pedagogical inquiry that are ready for use. A particularly handy resource for novice pedagogical researchers, these measures will also help ensure comparisons across samples.
  • Future innovations will include a Data Repository (datasets for secondary analyses) and a Virtual File-Drawer (brief reports of unpublished studies that may prove helpful in the design of additional work).

The February issue of the Observer! has more.

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