Josh’s Story: Finance Major Video

Josh has always been good at math, and after seeing his family struggle with stock market recessions and financial downturns, he decided to pursue the Finance Major at UW-Green Bay. Josh highlights his experiences with the Willie D. Davis Finance & Investment Laboratory and the Charles Schwab Center for Personal Financial Planning, and the impact they’ve had on his career goals. Both of these UW-Green Bay resources have been instrumental in his education and internship experience, which has led him toward a full-time job offer after graduation. With a passion for math and a desire to help people take control of their finances, Josh is determined to go and make a difference in the lives of those struggling with their income, budget, and financial stability.

[Note to reader: this video contains information about UW-Green Bay’s Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance]

Transcript: I really just enjoyed math in general. I had some really great teachers in high school and my dad’s always been a really successful entrepreneur. He’s had a lot of really successful businesses and after seeing not only my family struggle but countless other family struggle in the crash of 08, I knew that I could really help people in the financial planning space. So, after finding out about the Finance Major at UWGB, I decided to take full advantage of it. The Willie D. Davis Investment and Finance Lab has a lot of really great cutting-edge technology that we’re able to use. The monitors and the stocks to going around the room really helps us get a feel for what it’s like working on actual trading floor and we’re we’re given a lot of great software to use as well to research and analyze different stocks within the Student Management Investment Fund. The Charles Schwab Center for Financial Wellness has also been a really great addition to the Finance Program here at UWGB. I’ve been able to use a few of the rooms in here for my personal client meetings through my internship and I’m also a minor in Personal Financial Planning which I take in few courses in here as well where I’m able to get some hands-on experiences with real life scenarios for clients. My favorite classes have been Financial Plan Development and Student Management Investment Fund which has given me insight into both sides of the finance industry, advising and investing which is kind of led me to deciding where I want to take my future with advising which kind of gives me both best of both worlds because I’m able to invest for my clients but also able to help them with their financial planning. I’m really excited to get started once I graduate this winter. The internship that I did this summer eventually led me to a full-time job offer which was an amazing feeling. Took a lot of stress off of this Fall and I could just really enjoy my last semester of school. I really just enjoy helping people. I think that with my attitude of math and finance and the knowledge I’ve gained here at GB, I’ll be able to help people in the finance world. Middle and low-income Americans that are struggling with their finances. I’ll be able to help my clients take control of their income and budget and have the financial plan that really suits them and their individual needs.

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