Video: Phoenix family works to ‘Nix the Vid by wearing facemasks 

UW-Green Bay students, faculty, and staff have come together to ‘Nix the Vid! These resilient problem-solvers have not allowed the COVID-19 pandemic to hold them back. The Phoenix family takes pride in protecting themselves and others by following the 3 Ws—wear a mask, wash your hands and watch your distance. See more at

Video by William Throndsen, Marketing and Communication Photo/Video Intern who is majoring in Mass Media Communications 

Soundtrack Lyrics “One” by Barrows and Sun

I’m turning dreams into reality
In the lab with the formula and chemistry
The memories spark and Motivate
And make the industry shake
We put the bars on the breaks
I’m talking one
One chance at best, yes
Painting pictures for the culture
Keep the brushes fresh
We flipped the color work the drummer
Passion never rest
Freedom is our teacher
Under pressure now we blessed
It’s One art
One shot
Now the future is yours, Go!
One Art One Shot Now The Future is Yours, Go!

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