Video: New UW-Green Bay Scholarship Portal now open

UW-Green Bay Scholarship Portal is currently open for student applications. Degree-seeking students (undergraduate and graduate) may log in with their UW-Green Bay username and password and apply now for funding in 2022-2023. Please encourage students to apply! For maximum consideration, it is recommended that students submit all application materials by Feb. 15, 2022. Over a million dollars in merit- and need-based scholarships are available. All active students received an email on January 7, 2022 prompting them to apply. Please consider adding our PowerPoint slide promo (below) to a digital screen rotation or at the beginning of a lecture to help promote the system to students. You may also consider sharing social media posts via departmental profiles. Please refer any questions to

Transcript Apply for Need & Merit Scholarships: These scholarships knocked off a lot of tuition costs for this semester and allowed me to pursue other ventures such as my internship at Plymouth Foam Products. I’m so grateful for receiving a scholarship, it’s a great weight off my shoulders and it makes me feel appreciated in the community. When I learned that I received scholarship, I was so happy and grateful. If I wouldn’t receive scholarship, I wouldn’t be where I am right now. I would be working full time and that would make me not going to school or drop in college because it would be hard for me to pay my tuition. Scholarships make it huge because then I can work less and focus more on my kids and my studies without worrying about their basic needs being met, financially.

220106_Scholorship Slide

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