UW-Green Bay Snapchat is now seeing global buzz

In recent days UW-Green Bay has been receiving a lot of attention — globally, even — about its innovative practice of sending snaps on Snapchat to admitted students. It began with local coverage by WBAY, and has spread rapidly from there, including Seventeen, NPR and Good Morning America. Check out some of the buzz:

Hip UW-Green Bay sends college acceptance notices on Snapchat
Mashable, Dec. 1

UW-Green Bay’s Acceptance “Letters” Are Too Cool For School
Refinery 29, Dec. 1

University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Sends Accepted Students Snapchats
Teen Vogue, Dec. 1

UW-Green Bay acceptance letters go social
Good Morning America, Dec. 2

UW-Green Bay notifies students of acceptance on Snapchat
Fox News, Dec. 2

We’ve officially reached peak millennial: UW-Green Bay a US university is accepting students via Snapchat
Irish Examiner, Dec. 2

UW-Green Bay Using Snapchat To Inform Students Of Acceptance
Wisconsin Public Radio, Dec. 2

UW-Green Bay Is Now Accepting Students Via Snapchat
Buzzfeed, Dec. 2

UW-Green Bay Is Now Sending Acceptances Via Snapchat
Seventeen, Dec. 2

UW-Green Bay is Sending out acceptance letters via Snapchat
Fast Company, Dec. 2

Students Can Use Snapchat to See If They’ve Been Accepted to University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
Entrepreneur, Dec. 2

UW-Green Bay college students are getting acceptance through Snapchat now
NowThis News, Dec. 2

UW-Green Bay offers Acceptance Over Snapchat
U.S. News & World Report, Dec. 6


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