LifeatUWGB Instagram takeover account update

This week’s host on the UW-Green Bay Instagram takeover account, LifeatUWGB, is one of our very own UW-Green Bay News editors, junior Charlotte Berg (Communication), editorial intern, Marketing and University Communication. Follow along on the account this spring to see life from the perspective of a new Phoenix each week, including the first-ever admitted student host and a LifeatUWGB alumni week, featuring past host from the last five years of the account. Past hosts have included students, faculty, staff and alumni from all four campuses.

Upcoming hosts:

Sunday, March 21 – Saturday, March 26: Cody Kleinschmidt (Business Administration)

Sunday, March 27 – Saturday, April 3: Alumnus Tim Kowols ’08 (Communication)

Sunday, April 4 – Saturday, April 10: Admitted and committed Future Phoenix (Class of 2025) Madeline Schultz

Sunday, April 11 – Saturday, April 17: Maria Arunkumar (Business Administration)

Sunday, April 18 – Saturday, April 24: Bridgett Lowery’s Com Sci 146 class, a GPS (Gateways to Phoenix Success) capstone course focusing on kindness

Sunday, April 25 – Saturday, May 1: Cory O’Donnell (Theatre)


If you or someone you know are intersted hosting the account, apply at


Human service professionals from across the state are receiving training in new ways from UW-Green Bay

Delivering training through synchronous (real time) sessions by distance is new for UW-Green Bay’s Behavioral Health Training Partnership (BHTP). BHTP is experienced in providing training via in-person and online course formats to human services professionals in 64 counties (and 1 tribe) across Wisconsin. In-person training has been built to use more interactive components (e.g., group activities), and may include expert speakers.

Given the current COVID-19 pandemic, a BHTP training that has recently moved to synchronous delivery using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is Ethics and Boundaries: Stepping Forward When Colleagues Cross the Line, a four-hour session which was delivered for the first time on April 3, 2020 for approximately 45 participants from remote locations, primarily their homes. Another training, Crisis Services Overview, was delivered for the first time April 7-9 for 25 participants, who accessing the training primarily from their homes. The training, typically delivered as a six-hour one-day workshop, was changed to two-hour synchronous sessions over three days.

Jessica Delzer, Director of BHTP, initially expressed some concern about possible lower feelings of connectedness and interactivity by participants in planning for the new training format. These concerns turned out to be far from a barrier, but rather, became an opportunity to connect in a new way. Participants in the training appreciated the move to the new format, as well as BHTP’s ability to transition to a virtual format seamlessly and without interruption to their work schedule. Participants shared their feedback via course evaluations, and several reached out via email to the BHTP team after the session.  One participant wrote: 

I want to let you know how impressed we were with the training itself—presenter and topic—as well as how wonderfully the Blackboard program worked and how quickly you all pulled that together. It truly seemed to go off without a hitch, at least for us watching it on the large video screen, both in the big main group and the individual breakout sessions [in the distance course]!

Another participant commented that the training “worked beautifully and we were able to even do break-out sessions” via distance.

See a short video clip during one of the trainings.

NEW Social Distancing - Together facebook group cover image

Addie Sorbo creates Facebook group to help people stay connected

Spectrum News — The coronavirus has forced us all to practice Social Distancing. Unfortunately, it didn’t come with a blueprint. A Facebook group popped up recently to help people stay connected, when they are physically apart. The NEW Social Distancing – Together group started in Green Bay but is gaining momentum across the state. Addie Sorbo (UW-Green Bay instructor) is the founder.

“It’s definitely a support thing. This is a new thing for a lot of people and we’re trying to figure it out, There’s this crazy thing going on in the world that we’re really unsure of but how can we support each other?” said Sorbo.In the group’s first two days it reached one thousand members.Beth Macco is a stay at home mom an finds the group useful.“It’s just light hearted and a place where you can find community and a little bit of joy in the midst of very strange times,” said Macco.The group isn’t just for parents dealing with changes. Delaney Langenberg attends UWGB. She’s used to a busy college life but with the campus shut down, she’s back at home with her parents.“I was like, sure I’ll do this. I’ve got nothing else going on,” said Langenberg. Delaney is one of almost three thousand members to join thus far.“It was a really big change for me and probably other students so it’s nice to have something. You have something to look at and feel positive about.”

Source: Facebook group connects while social distancing

Social Media Strategies Summit taking place on August 21

UW-Green Bay Continuing Education and Community Engagement will be hosting the Social Media Strategies Summit on August 21, 2019 at the Holiday Inn & Suites in Manitowoc from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. The fee is $119, and includes a full day of instruction/materials, breakfast and lunch. Four dynamic speakers including Prof. Phillip Clampitt (Communication), Lisa Cruz, President of Red Shoes Inc., UW-Green Bay alumna Noelle Marr, Account Executive/Social Media Specialist at Leonard & Finco PR and Jason Prigge, Co-Founder, Vagabond Creative and #CoolestCoast. Session topics will include Strategic Social Media, Crisis Communication & Social Media, Owning a Brand and Advertising on Social Media. For more information on the sessions/speakers and how to register, please visit the website. If you have any questions, please contact Melissa Schleicher at or at 920-663-7337. 

Digital thanks for Teachers Appreciation Week

In honor of Teachers Appreciation Day and Week, students and alumni shared shoutouts for UW-Green Bay faculty members on social media. The Marinette Campus post even turned into a caption contest! See all of the great things they had to say:

UW-Green Bay, Marinette Campus Facebook

UW-Green Bay, Manitowoc Campus Facebook

UW-Green Bay Facebook

UW-Green Bay Instagram

Haiku! Bless you!

In celebration of National Haiku Poetry Day observed yesterday (April 17, 2019) UW-Green Bay put out a call to the University community, alumni and friends to share their #uwgbhaiku. Dean Chuck Rybak (College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences) shares the history and some insight on the ancient expression. His spontaneous haiku:

The sun has returned

Traveler back on the beach
Where she built a life

Chancellor Q&A

Chancellor Miller took to the UW-Green Bay Instagram account last week, Thursday, March 28, 2019, answering questions posed by followers of the account. The chancellor fielded nearly 50 questions from more than 40 participants. Questions ranged from “Is a hot dog a sandwich?” to “Where did you grow up?” and much more! See the Instagram story.

See Instagram Chancellor Q&A

Prof. Phil Clampitt interviewed on Oconto police social media post

Prof. Phil Clampitt (Communication) was recently featured as a social media expert in an article addressing a controversial Facebook post published by the Oconto Police Department. “If anything can be misunderstood it will be misunderstood in the worst way. The ‘so what’ to that is to figure out how to respond to it,” said Prof. Clampitt in the article. Read the full story.


UW-Green Bay uses Instagram acceptances and College Draft Day to attract high school graduates, WiscNews reports

Despite overall demographic trends, UW-Green Bay has seen steady enrollment growth, thanks to initiatives such as College Draft Day, where high school students can go to Lambeau Field and learn about the many aspects of college, and Instagram acceptance, in which admitted students can receive a direct message to their Instagram account notifying them they’ve been accepted. Check out the story.

Life at Marinette Campus

Sophomore international student Chau Pham is hosting the LifeatUWGB Instagram account showing life at the Marinette Campus. Pham is from Hanoi, Vietnam and has shared a photo from an art class and a video of a fellow international student playing piano among other images. Follow along. Are you or someone you know willing to share a glimpse at their life at UW-Green Bay? Students, staff, faculty and administration from all campuses are encouraged to apply at