You may recall media coverage in past years of prospective students receiving notification of their acceptance to UW-Green Bay via Snapchat. This year, to shift with technology innovations, staff from Admissions will be notifying accepted students of all four campuses of their acceptance via the UW-Green Bay Instagram. Students will begin receiving notice of admission for fall 2019 on Saturday, Sept. 15.

Richter Landers says ‘Snap’ streak may be over

UW-Green Bay social media coordinator Jena Richter Landers was a key source in a recent social media blog. “Snapchat was a large part of UW-Green Bay’s social media strategy, and while it continues to be used, the fact that it doesn’t offer archived analytics has increasingly become an issue,” reported Jena Richter Landers. “After seeing a drastic drop in reach after recent changes to the platform’s delivery of stories, we’ve moved some of the content that we had been putting out on Snapchat Stories to Instagram Stories to receive higher return on investment and more easily measured metrics” (Landers, 2018).

News of Snapchat success is making its way through media

In the cover story of today’s Green Bay Press-Gazette is UW-Green Bay’s success with Snapchat, a mobile app and social forum that is popular among teens and young adults. UW-Green Bay uses the app to tell prospective students they have been accepted, and most recently, posted a highly successful Snap video tour of UW-Green Bay. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel also picked up the story.


Snapchat Tour garners impressive results

UW-Green Bay student tour guides Ben Berndt, Elizabeth Howard and Dani LaPorte took friends of the “uwgreenbay” Snapchat account on a tour of campus via “Snapchat story” Wednesday, July 5. The Snapchat story, viewable in the app for 24 hours, included photos, video clips and text. The students worked with Jena Richter Landers (Marketing and University Communication) and Katelyn Santy (Admissions) to execute the tour. The Snapchat story tour received more than 1,000 views, with 85% of users viewing the entire story, Landers reports. Highlights included concourse system, the view from the Cofrin Library eighth floor, a call to visit campus in person and more. You can view the video of the Snapchat story.

More snap: UW-Green Bay hosts successful Snapchat Q & A Day

UWGB Snapchat Q & A Day
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Working as a team in one-hour shifts Jena Richter Landers of Marketing and University Communication and Kayla Peterson of Admissions successfully hosted the second-ever UW-Green Bay Snapchat Q & A Day. The Q & A Day ran from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 27. The pair answered questions (often multiple per “snapper”) from about 75 participants (mostly prospective/admitted students) about student life, academic requirements, living on campus and more. Questions were submitted via Snapchat as images (snaps) or text chats. Each question received an answer and more than 30 questions were answer in the Snapchat account’s story for all of UW-Green Bay’s Snapchat friends to see. Snapchat Q & A Day was promoted via email to admitted students, via UW-Green Bay and UW-Green Bay Admission’s social media, UW-Green Bay Admission’s blog and UW-Green Bay Snapchat account leading up to the event. Richter Landers says she continues to field questions from prospects.

UW-Green Bay Snapchat is now seeing global buzz

In recent days UW-Green Bay has been receiving a lot of attention — globally, even — about its innovative practice of sending snaps on Snapchat to admitted students. It began with local coverage by WBAY, and has spread rapidly from there, including Seventeen, NPR and Good Morning America. Check out some of the buzz:

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