Prof. Weinschenk talks elections with Huffington Post, Fox 11

Randy Bryce won Wisconsin’s Democratic Primary race and the Huffington Post talked to UW-Green Bay Associate Prof. Aaron Weinschenk (Political Science) about it. Reports the HuffPost, “Bryce’s early head start ultimately proved insurmountable, however. His general election bid in the conservative-leaning district in southeastern Wisconsin is likely to test both the importance of character issues ― a potential problem for Bryce, who has a spotty past driving record ― and the appeal of his unabashedly progressive policies in historically GOP territory.”

In analyses of Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential win, “we heard a lot about white working-class voters, people without high levels of education being really supportive” of him, said Weinschenk. “Bryce’s a candidate trying to represent [white working-class voters], but obviously doing it for a different side.” His showing in November could “be a signal to party elites that this is the kind of candidate you want to recruit for other places” in the country, Weinschenk said. See more.

Weinschenk also was the guest of Fox 11 for his political analysis on election day, Tuesday evening, August 14, 2018.


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