Deacon candidate (and UW-Green Bay alumnus) Johnson’s love of liturgy grows | The Compass

ALLOUEZ — Imagine being prepared to give an important talk. You’ve studied, prepped, memorized and practiced aloud, honing everything down to eight minutes of insight.“Oops, sorry,” you hear. “We’re almost out of time. So wrap it up in two minutes.”That happened during Shaun Johnson’s final year of diaconal preparation, in preaching class.It meant he “totally had to forgo the script,” but Johnson added that it ended up as “great practice. You have to ask yourself: ‘What are the key essential things you want to get across? What do you want the Holy Spirit to be able to give to those who are there?’ That’s the most powerful thing we learned in our preaching class: That it’s not us who are speaking, but, if we do it well, and do our prep well, it’s the Holy Spirit who will be speaking for us.”

Source: Deacon candidate Johnson’s love of liturgy grows | The Compass

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