UW-Green Bay students rally for reproductive justice

GREEN BAY – Roughly 150 students and residents marched on the UW-Green Bay campus Thursday for abortion rights while the country’s highest court considers overturning the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling.Students at the university worked with state Rep. Kristina Shelton, a Green Bay Democrat, to hold the rally in response to the draft of the U.S. Supreme Court opinion that was leaked earlier this week. The leak suggests the court is going to overturn the Roe v. Wade decision that established abortion as a constitutional right in 1973. “As a woman and being bisexual, it’s one of those things where Roe v. Wade could impact so many different aspects that you don’t even think of that aren’t even abortion,” said student Madigan Fuhrman who helped organize the rally.Several women said they found the courage to speak up alongside each other at the rally, sharing their own experiences with sexual assault or family members’ experiences with abortions.

Source: UW-Green Bay students rally for reproductive justice