UW-Green Bay hosts Conservation Partners Roundtable, April 19

Conservation Partners Roundtable at UW-Green Bay on Thursday, April 19 discussed wildlife, wetlands and the weather. Fox 11 had the story. The experts who attended were particularly concerned about this spring’s migration due to Blizzard Evelyn. Gary Van Vreede, U.S.Fish & Wildlife Service Wildlife Biologist explained, “A lot of the species have come back. And all this snow. I don’t think they know what to make of it. But it will definitely set them back a few weeks, in terms of nesting.”

The late spring was just one of the topics discussed during 4th annual Green Bay Conservation Partners roundtable. Fast-paced presentations coupled with frequent breaks allowed the 90 participants to stay in the environmental mix.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity for people working in the conservation field to come together, show what they’ve been doing, network and come up with new projects to improve our wildlife, and fish habitats,” said Nicole Van Helden, The Nature Conservancy.

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