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GREEN BAY – A drum set Madison Moreau said she received as a Christmas gift when she was only 6 years old sparked a lifelong passion for music and drumming. “I was always interested in music,” Moreau said. “My mom pushed the piano on me, which I took for maybe five or six years. I got bored of it and started playing my drum kit more often. I think that’s how I got hooked.” Moreau, daughter of Jon and Cathy (Vanden Heuvel) Moreau, grew up in Suamico, and got her first “real” experience playing drums in fifth grade through the band program at St. John the Baptist in Howard. But she said her curiosity didn’t stop there.

“I wanted to learn more about playing drums than concert percussion so I began taking lessons from Steve Seitz,” she said. “After a few years with Steve, I began taking lessons with Chris Piette to get a better grasp on the metal aspect of drumming. As of now, I am teaching myself, but I feel as though I have an amazing toolbox of concepts to work with based on my previous instructors.” In addition to her instructors, Moreau credits her “toolbox” to her many other musical endeavors, and her parents.

…As Moreau’s bands’ futures seem to be falling into place, she also has big plans in the works for her individual future after her recent audition for the music program at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay resulted in her immediate acceptance. 

“My experience was great,” she said. “I went in to audition, played my tunes, did some sight-reading, and then was told I was accepted into the program. After college, I hope to be playing in a band or two and doing shows every weekend. I also need to keep the lights on, so for a solid career path I am looking to be a high school band director.”

Moreau said she isn’t sure exactly what the future holds for her, but “as long as it is filled with music I’m along for the ride.”

Moreau said outside of drumming, music seems to find a way to fill her life through her hobbies.

“I am addicted to collecting vinyl,” she said. “My collection is worth $12,000, (which consists) of 278 records, 15 CDs and one cassette. I started collecting in September 2019.”

Source: Former Bay Port student drums up music college admission – The Press

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