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MARINETTE—A long-time goal for Susan Pike, the program specialist for the Lifelong Learning Institute of UW-Green Bay, was met this year when the Lifelong Learning Institute was brought to the Marinette-Menominee area.LLI has been a part of UW-Green Bay for about 30 years at this point, and according to Pike has been incredibly popular in Green Bay. She had been hoping to bring the program up to Marinette for several years, but it just didn’t pan out. During the pandemic, all of LLI’s classes were held online, and in January Pike was monitoring some of those online classes and noticed a person on the roster from Menominee, Eileen Beyer. “My little radar ticked because I’ve been trying to get something going for a while. I’m dependent on volunteers in the area to get things going, and I could never get enough people to make it work,” she said.

After seeing Beyer in another class, Pike reached out to her and explained her desire to bring the program to Marinette. Beyer said part of the reason she started taking LLI classes came from her involvement as the chair of the education committee of the GFWC Menominee Woman’s Club. She was looking for different learning opportunities that could be brought to the area, and wanted to see what LLI was all about. “I sort of think of it as a match made to be,” Pike said.

Beyer gathered a group of volunteers to help put together a number of classes unique to the area, and by July the program was ready to kick off in Marinette. Pike said the first semester went quite well. “We have about 10 or so members from the Menominee area, and upwards of 40 well-attended classes, so very well for a first semester,” she said.

Source: LLI finishes first semester in Marinette | | ehextra.com

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