UW-Green Bay remembers Mandela’s life, legacy

Assistant Prof. Eric Morgan shared his expertise for a WBAY Channel 2 News story on Nelson Mandela’s legacy Thursday (Dec. 5), recalling the visionary South Africans leader in the wake of his passing at age 95. Morgan, Democracy and Justice Studies (History) has been to South Africa several times and much of his scholarship has focused on the country, its history and the legacy of apartheid. Mandela “believed in forgiveness,” Morgan told WBAY, Channel 2’s Bao Vang. “And I think that’s one of his greatest legacies, and probably his greatest legacy. That we have differences, issues, strife, this is how humanity works. But you have to be able to look your oppressor in the eye and say, ‘I forgive you.’ ” We’ve linked to the TV story, as well as our own news post on how UW-Green Bay was memorializing Mandela at week’s end, below:

Morgan also was quoted in the Green Bay Press-Gazette’s Sunday (Dec. 8) editorial, which focused on Mandela’s legacy. “He’s one of those absolutely monumental figures of the 20th and 21st centuries,” Morgan said. You can check out the editorial, here.

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