Assistant Prof. Alan Chu quoted on initiating conversations about wearing masks | Yahoo News

In a recent Yahoo News article, there are five proposed stages of mask-wearing grief when it comes to seeing people in public not wearing masks. Assistant Prof. Alan Chu (Psychology) gives advice for how to approach people not wearing masks.

“People do not like to be forced to do things, and that’s what we are getting with non-compliance in wearing masks when people feel like they are being pushed to do so,” says Dr. Alan Chu, Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay. “Ask the following statements based on motivational interviewing techniques in order to help people take ownership to make the change you want to see.”

Here are the statements Chu suggests, with their intents:

  1. “I’m curious why you are not wearing a mask” (gathering information)
  2. “I see your point. What do you think about the research evidence that shows wearing a mask can significantly reduce chance of infection? Are you concerned about your health and your family’s?” (showing empathy, indicating facts and care, prompting thoughts)
  3. “What are the costs and benefits for you to wear a mask?” (understanding any perceived barriers and getting them to analyze the fact that there are more benefits than costs)
  4. “What would you do after this conversation in order to make this a habit during these times?” (helping them put thoughts into actions and take ownership instead of being enforced to do so)


Source: It’s OK to Yell at Strangers Who Don’t Wear Masks | Yahoo News

You can also find his work in Fatherly.

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