Prof. VonDras releases new book

A new book by UW-Green Bay Prof. Dean D. VonDras (Psychology), has just been released: Music, Wellness, and Aging: Defining, Directing, and Celebrating Life (Cambridge University Press, 2021).

As described by the publisher: “This definitive account of the intersection between music, wellness, and aging explores deeper aspects of human nature and later life.”

“I have always been a lover of music,” he says. “Thus, in writing this book I was inspired by the music that I had listened to and played, and wanted to describe and elucidate how music intersects with wellness and aging in such a way that it becomes a powerful force that defines, directs, and celebrates our living. It is my hope that the book will provide further insight and broaden the discussion about the power of music to tell us about ourselves, and the many different understandings that may be grasped. And, it is my most fervent hope, that the reader will seek out opportunities to listen to and make music, move and dance to its rhythms and sounds, and in so doing find comfort, inspiration, and joy in music!”

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