News: Arendt, Bauer-Dantoin, Nielsen, Gallagher-Lepak, Block, Gurung, Salernos

» Prof. Lucy Arendt, Business Administration, was a guest expert for the inaugural episode of CW 14 Focus, a local program airing weekly on the network. The first show examined the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, observed Sunday. Arendt, an expert in disaster response, shared her expertise along with personal reflections of the day. “For me, the images bring out a real, visceral emotion,” Arendt said. “It’s not simply a cognitive reaction.” UW-Green Bay viewers also might recognize another familiar face on the show — that of host Robert Hornacek, former UW-Green Bay coordinator for video/audio news and media relations. Hornacek returned to TV news with Fox 11 in April and started the new program this fall. See episode.

» Prof. Angela Bauer-Dantoin, Human Biology, recently had a chapter, titled “Modern Day Agricultural Practices and Their Impact on Human Health and the Environment,” published in The Praeger Handbook of Environmental Health (Robert Friis, Editor).

» Prof. Kim Nielsen, Democracy and Justice Studies, was recently featured on a French Public Radio documentary on Helen Keller. The topic: Les vies radicales d’Helen Keller: sourde, aveugle et rebelle. It’s an interesting listen — Nielsen’s comments are offered in their entirety, in English, and translation for French listeners is separate, not overlapping — and can be heard by clicking on the 10th segment.

» Profs. Susan Gallagher-Lepak and Derryl Block of the Professional Program in Nursing published “Using Distance Technology to Learn Across Borders: A Virtual Travel Course in Nursing” in the August 2011 edition of the Journal of Nursing Education. The article describes the first bilingual online course with nursing students from both UW-Green Bay and the Universidad de Tumbes, Tumbes, Peru, a course offered in spring 2010.  With heavy reliance on translation software, students and faculty posted all communications in the course in both Spanish and English.  The course ran over six weeks and exposed students to nursing issues and health concerns in both countries.  The article was written with the assistance of Prof. Yrene Urbina Rojas from Tumbes and her student Carlos Melgar Moran, and UW-Green Bay nursing student Lorri Birkholz.  Subsequent collaborations between the nursing programs at UN-Tumbes and UW-Green Bay have continued since this initial offering.

» Prof. Regan A. R. Gurung, Human Development, was the keynote speaker Sept. 2 at the 13th annual UW-La Crosse Conference on Teaching and Learning.  His topic was  “Invigorating Student Learning: How Should Students Study?”  Gurung is one of this year’s UW System teachers of the year, and serves as president of the Society for the Teaching of Psychology.

» Christine Salerno of the music faculty will bring her group ZIJI to the stage of the Dalton Center Recital Hall at her alma mater, Western Michigan University, this Sunday evening (Sept. 18). It’s part of that school’s Jazz Studies’ Alumni Concert Series. The Brazilian and contemporary jazz group brings together the song-writing talents of Salerno as well as Brazilian-born composers; Salerno will contribute on vocals and piano, her husband, Prof. John Salerno, on flute and sax, UW-Green Bay alumnus Danny Lueck is on drums, and current students Ben Hogan (percussion) and Julio Reyes (vocals/sax) will also be performing.

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