Faculty note: Prof. Higgins returns from Gothenburg, Sweden


Associate Prof. Doreen Higgins (Social Work) has returned from a five-month stay as an invited visiting researcher in the Department of Social Work at the University of Gothenburg (GU) in Gothenburg, Sweden. While there, Higgins conducted a qualitative study of the Swedish social welfare state and interviewed public sector social workers across the country. She was joined by Associate Prof. Andrew Austin (Democracy and Justice Studies) who met with leading criminal justice and corrections officials in Sweden and Norway. Building on Higgins’ sabbatical study, she and Austin further explored the development of a travel course with Social Work and DJS to Sweden and Norway and met with GU International Centre leadership on opportunities for student and faculty exchange between UW-Green Bay and GU. Higgins will present her research findings and experiences in Sweden for students, faculty and interested others at UW-Green Bay during the fall semester. In the photo: Skansen Kronen Fortress, Haga District, Gothenburg, Sweden taken atop the Institution for Socialt Arbete (Social Work Department)

– Photo submitted by Doreen Higgins

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