Style featured in ‘The Dead Files’

In summer of 2017, UW-Green Bay Art Prof. Christine Style was contacted to work as a sketch artist for episode 10.2 of “The Dead Files” (Travel Channel) that was filmed in October 2017 in the Green Bay area. A production/film crew of 16 people arrived from Los Angeles. Style created two drawings for them using physical medium Amy Allen’s description of what she saw in her mind. Style’s interaction with Amy and the drawing process was filmed. The episode aired Friday, June 29, 2018:

Season 10, Episode 2
Deadly Intentions” – New Franken, Wisconsin
Steve and Amy investigate violent activity in New Franken, Wisconsin, that’s ruining a woman’s hopes of opening her dream business. While Steve learns of two tragedies in the area, Amy encounters an army of shadow people hellbent on death, doom and destruction.”


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