Faculty note: Prof. Merkel extends reach with Tiny Earth and STEM programs this summer

UW-Green Bay Associate Prof. Brian Merkel is co-chairing the summer Tiny Earth symposium this year and will present a TAPAS talk on a high-impact community project with Green Bay West High School’s, Serious About STEM program. The Serious About Stem program and UW-Green Bay’s College of Science, Engineering and Technology, are forming a partnership to educate at-risk female high school students in the Tiny Earth curriculum.

The plan is to run a skill-development camp for two weeks on campus this August to prepare them to conduct Tiny Earth research over 14 weeks at UW-Green Bay this fall. These students will then present their findings at the Tiny Earth winter symposium at the Lambeau Field Atrium in December of 2021. Additionally, two UW-Green Bay Human Biology alumni, Halee Behrens and Roman Lyudmer are panelists for a session on “Leveraging Your Tiny Earth Experience.” Lyudmer has been accepted to a M.S program in Immunology at Drexel. Halee recently completed her first year in Concordia’s PA program.

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