Prof. Karen Lacey’s latest contributions to international nutrition

UW-Green Bay Senior Lecturer Emerita & Former UW-Green Bay Dietetics’ Director, Karen Lacey has recently contributed to multiple international nutrition collaborations  

Last month, Lacey was invited to join the C20 Integrated Holistic Health subgroup focusing on nutrition. This international 19-member work group is a team of motivated professionals, researchers, and advocates striving to increase awareness and develop a wider understanding of nutrition and health. Lacey’s interest is primarily in food insecurity and hunger. The work group is tasked with completing a policy write up to be delivered to the G20 later this year.   

Prof. Lacey’s other recent international collaboration involved a webinar on January 20 with dietetic students in Kochi, India where she provided information on the implementation of the Nutrition Care Process. She is also a guest speaker at the upcoming Philippine Dietetic Association on February 23 where she will present on the topic of “The Dietetic Code of Ethics and Scope of Practice: How to Add to a Toolbox to Promote Collaboration and Synergy with Physicians”.  


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