UW-Green Bay receives $300,000 for lake sturgeon research

UW-Green Bay Associate Prof. Patrick Forsythe (Biology) and the Aquatic Ecology and Fisheries Laboratory received $300K from the Great Lakes Fish and Wildlife Restoration Act and WE Energies Mitigation and Enhancement fund to research lake sturgeon on the Upper Menominee River. The main goal of this project is to provide data needed to help evaluate the benefits of passing adult lake sturgeon around the lower two dams and within the Park Mill to Grand Rapids section of the river. This proposed research represents the next critical step in a series of projects designed to evaluate use of an elevator as a means of providing upstream passage of lake sturgeon to facilitate recovery of the Menominee River lake sturgeon population. The project is slated to begin later this spring.

Fish Hatching Photos

Menominee River

Photos of the upper Menominee River from May 20, 2020. See map.

Photos submitted by UW-Green Bay Fisheries Technician Stefan Tucker.

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