UW-Green Bay prof. Alan Chu featured in newly published book on the importance of recovery

Associate Professor of Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology, Alan Chu recently wrote a chapter on quality of life and recovery in athletes within a Routledge published book titled “The Importance of Recovery for Physical and Mental Health: Negotiating the Effects of Underrecovery.”

The book is now available for pre-order here. This book offers a thorough and accessible look into the importance of recovery in both staying healthy and performing well, and highlights the detrimental effects of underrecovery on physical and mental health. Internationally renowned experts from psychology, physiology, sport medicine, health, and sport science offer interdisciplinary analysis of the effects of underrecovery as well as the use of applied intervention and prevention strategies. The book is written for the scientific community, applied health scientists, students, and interested readers. It draws on experiences and scientific findings from the field of sport to make them usable for an expanded understanding of recovery in the field of health and related areas such as the workplace.

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