Faculty notes: Kaye, Kersten

The wide-ranging Harvey Kaye or, more accurately, his writings, make an appearance this week in the pages of the Philadelphia Inquirer. The Social Change and Development professor wrote a book review for the newspaper’s Sunday, Jan. 9, edition. His subject is the Gingrich-edited The Essential American, A Patriot’s Resource. Kaye’s take? The book’s premise — 25 Documents and Speeches Every American Should Own — is strong, and many of the works are superb choices, but Kaye says the editor’s slant toward a strongly conservative ideology detracts from the whole. Read the full review.

Prof. Andrew Kersten, Social Change and Development, gave a lecture earlier this week to the Retired Men’s Club of Green Bay. Kersten’s talk was titled “Brown County’s Forgotten World War I Soldiers.” He discussed the database that he helped create that contains over 1,400 files about soldiers who served in the Great War from this area. To access the database, click here.

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