The Strength of Wrongful Convictions: An Evening with the ‘Monfils Six’ on Innocence, Injustice, and Incarceration

The Strength of Wrongful Convictions: an Evening with the ‘Monfils Six’ on Innocence, Injustice and Incarceration

Presented by UW-Green Bay Democracy and Justice Studies

March 26, 2024 6 p.m.
Fort Howard Hall, Weidner Center
Cost: Free

On November 22, 1992, Tom Monfils’s body was found at the bottom of a paper pulp vat in a Green Bay paper mill. Against their own claims of innocence, six co-workers were convicted of homicide after a contentious investigation and trial: five of those convictions would be upheld, with one complete exoneration upon appeal. The tragedy of Monfils’s death and the decades-long incarceration of the “Monfils Six” raises enduring questions of justice, criminal procedure, and the working class history and community of Green Bay. Join us for a personal, probing conversation on these questions and the case’s legacy with members of the “Monfils Six” and their supporters. A light reception will follow. This event will be live stream; watch it here.

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