It’s a 'Laffle' with fun prizes but serious mission

The UW-Green Bay Registrar’s Office is conducting a “Laffle” to gather food for the less fortunate. For every non-perishable food item, donators will receive a “laffle” ticket for a prize drawing next month. (Some of the random prizes — also donated — will be whimsical and fun. Think “snuggie.”) Non-perishable food items, and prizes too, can be dropped off in the Registrar’s Office during office hours. Deer hunters who donate their harvest to the Hunt for the Hungry can earn 25 “laffle” tickets by showing proof of their donation. (Don’t bring the deer to the Registrar’s; they don’t have refrigeration.) All food collected will be forwarded to the local food bank Paul’s Pantry. For more information contact Eileen Kolb at ext. 2126, or Katrina Hrivnak at ext. 2616. Look for regular LOG updates on collection progress and the super-neat prizes. Winners will be drawn from the Laffle box on Dec. 18, during the lunch hour, at the Registrar’s Office.

Why a ‘Laffle’?

Organizers of the faculty/staff Laffle include the Registrar’s Office and the Dean of Students Office. They say they picked the name because it isn’t quite a raffle according to the technical rules that apply, and staff in Student Services are nothing if not precise when it comes to following rules, although they occasionally bend them. Also, they say, “Laffle” serves a purpose because — in much the same way popular culture used to stereotype librarians as “the people who say “Shhhhhhhhh…” — Registrar’s staffers sometimes get typecast as serious rules-and-regulation people when in fact they like their fun (in moderation, of course). All jokes, gag gifts (semi-tasteful gifts, anyway) and funny stories encouraged and accepted.

But, seriously

All materials for the Laffle are recycled or found, all prizes are donated, all staff time is donated outside of work hours. It’s a chance for the UW-Green Bay community to gather food for the less fortunate in our own community while also giving campus participants a chance to win a fun prize (and maybe get some of their holiday shopping done).  It is also a way to celebrate some of the hidden and not-so-hidden talents and generosity of co-workers. (Who knew that Joe could make such a beautiful hand-made whatever-it-is-supposed-to-be?)  Laffle organizers ask that you be creative in adding items to the prize stash. Again, the drawing will take place at an open-to-all party, er, event, over the noon hour on Dec. 18.

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