Video: Registration starts Monday, advise students to explore new tool, ‘College Scheduler’

The Registrar’s Office has unveiled a new tool that will help students not only schedule their classes, but the tool can easily help them plan for their busy lives, as well. It’s called “College Scheduler.” This tool is the most efficient way for students to optimize spring schedules and maximize credit hours. College Scheduler generates multiple daily schedules to fit students’ needs based on criteria such as campus location, desired courses, and work breaks. Use it registering for spring. These videos describe College Scheduler in more detail.

Making students’ lives easier with a new product, ‘college scheduler’

Finding the perfect class schedule just got easier with College Scheduler. Students can use this new tool to optimize their semester schedules and maximize their credit hours. On Nov. 2, 2020 students should find their enrollment appointment on SIS. Registration on College Schedule’ begins Nov. 9. Two videos and step-by-step instructions can be found on the GBOSS site.

Testing Services has moved to Registrar’s Office

As of July 1, 2019, the Office of Testing and Assessment has moved to the Registrar’s Office in Enrollment Services. The move reflects an effort to better align the services provided by the Office with those served, primarily students, and to improve the office’s visibility on campus.  The Office continues to provide comprehensive testing services that adhere to nationally recognized standards and accurate and timely information to support campus planning and decision-making. Testing Services and Assessment is staffed by Pam Gilson, the Coordinator of Testing Services. For more information, please visit the Office of Testing and Assessment website.

CATL to offer two events starting this Friday (Sept. 21)

The UW-Green Bay Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning (CATL) has two events supporting instructional and institutional development coming up:

— High-impact Practices @ 10 Reading Series: Friday, Sept. 21, 2018 from Noon to 1 p.m. Learn more.

— Course Crunch: Scheduling for Student Success: Monday, Oct. 1, 2018 from 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. in the 1965 room located in UW-Green Bay’s University Union. This event is sponsored by CATL and Enrollment Services (Registrar, GBOSS and Advising). Learn more.

Kim Metzger and Lynn Niemi in front of toilet paper

Disability Services wipes out competition in Toilet Paper Challenge

The 2018 Great Toilet Paper Challenge at UW-Green Bay ended with a small office of two — Disability Services — making big contributions and wiping out the competition.

"Because that's how we roll!"

TP on display in the window Counseling and Health Center
TP on display in the window
Counseling and Health Center

In early January, the Student Affairs and Campus Climate and Enrollment Services divisions met to better acquaint employees from both divisions and update all on what is new in each department. As part of those updates, Stacie Christian reported the Campus Cupboard was most in need of toilet paper. Thus began The Great 2018 TP Challenge.

The teams (Admissions, Financial Aid/Bursar, Registrar/GBOSS, Disability Services, Counseling and Health, and Academic Advising/Career Services) rose to the challenge and spent two weeks bringing in donations and taunting the competition. The motivation — serving UW-Green Bay students. The prize — a King Cake on Mardi Gras, recognition in the Log.

“Team Disability Services, insisted they were the little office with a big impact,” reported Academic Advisor Stephanie Murphy. “Counseling and Health drew attention to their efforts with an at-home port-a-potty outside its door, and Advising and Career Service’s pile grew steadily.”

On Feb.13 (2018), participants gathered to share food and celebrate. The Little Office that Could beat out Team Academic Advising/Career Services by a mere 12 rolls with a total of 451 rolls. Their reaction? “We knew we could wipe out the competition.”

Donated toilet paper packages
Bath tissue donation piled in CK One

A total of 1,486 rolls of toilet paper were collected for the Campus Cupboard, which is always in need of personal health items like toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant and soap. Please consider a “fun” drive of your own to help out students in need.


Staff note: Vande Yacht is new Registrar

Dan Vande Yacht begins his role as UW-Green Bay Registrar, Nov. 1. He comes to us as from UW-River Falls where he has served as Registrar since 2006. He has significant experience as Registrar, serving both UWRF and UW-Colleges. He has an even longer record in Student Services, including many roles in Admissions. He fully understands the UW System and SIS as well as leading a Registrar’s Office. His transition into UWGB’s systems should go smoothly and as he helps support Enrollment Services’ mission of recruiting and retaining students. Vande Yacht expressed his belief in relationship building as key to his success many times during the interview process – crucial as we continue to work within the new four-college model.

New catalog (2015-16) is up and running

It has been a few years since UW-Green Bay transitioned from print to online for the Undergraduate Catalog. One thing has remained constant, however: the Catalog is a point-in-time snapshot that serves as a one-stop guide to curriculum and requirements. The Registrar’s Office reports that the 2015-16 version of the catalog is now live at

Use an E-form, save a tree 

The paperless office? Even good ol’ Eco U isn’t there yet, but a friend and loyal Log reader who works in information systems on campus shares the following: UWGB has reached an interesting milestone with the Dynamic Forms (E-forms) initiative on campus. In 2014, the Registrar’s Office alone processed 8,902 electronic forms. With estimates that one tree equals approximately 8300 sheets of paper… “We saved a whole tree last year!” Good work!

Employees honored for emeriti status, years of service to UW-Green Bay

Gary Fewless

UW-Green Bay faculty and staff members gathered together Jan. 22 to celebrate the annual Mid-Year Convocation, a ceremony that serves as the unofficial kickoff to the University’s spring semester. The formal program included granting of emeriti status to distinguished retirees, as well as years-of-service recognition for longtime UW-Green Bay employees.

Emeritus Honorees

Two academic staff members were granted emeritus status in recognition of their service to UW-Green Bay.

Michael Herrity
Michael Herrity

Longtime lecturer and curator of the University Herbarium — now renamed in his honor — Gary Fewless was recognized for his “unrivaled devotion to science, students and the priceless environmental diversity of our region.”

Former UW-Green Bay Registrar and academic adviser Michael Herrity was honored “for a distinguished career in service to students, community and the power of higher education.” Neither Fewless nor Herrity was able to attend, but both received generous applause as their citations were read.

Years of Service Honorees

Years-of-Service Awards, 25 years plus

UW-Green Bay faculty and staff members celebrating 40-, 35- and 30-year anniversaries during Mid-Year Convocation posed for a photo at the program’s conclusion. They are (L-R) Cliff Abbott (40), Bob Howe (30), Mike Stearney (30), Dave Kieper (35) and Mark Damie (35).

Years-of-Service Awards, 20 years

UW-Green Bay faculty and staff members marking 20- and 25-year anniversaries at the Jan. 22 gathering were (L-R) Jeff Benzow (25), Donna Ritch (25), Linda Toonen (25), Stephen Gering (20), Deb Anderson (25), Mike Kline (25), Dianne Gordon (25), Christine Terrien (20), Bill Hubbard (25), Sherry Lacenski (25) and Colleen Wilde (25).

Years-of-Service Awards, 10 years

Gathering for a group photo of those honored for 10-year employment anniversaries were Mary Valitchka, Bob Blihar, Diane Nagy, Eric Amenson, Bonnie Delsart, Jeff Gross, Atife Caglar, Katrina Hrivnak, Javier Martinez, Brent Blahnik, Darrel Renier, Joe Brzezinski, Judi Pietsch, Janet Reilly and Paula Marcec.