Chancellor Installation Committee cancels Gala Concert on Sept. 30

The decision has been made by the UW-Green Bay Chancellor Installation Committee to cancel the Gala Concert on Sept. 30, 2021 in celebration of the Chancellor’s Installation. Several factors went into this decision in light of the COVID-19 activity in the community. The first is that the gala concert was being presented as a companion piece to a large reception and dinner for those who would be traveling to campus for the Installation ceremony. The dinner and reception cannot be held safely under current COVID protocols. The second is that the repertoire of the concert was programmed during a window of time when the committee felt more optimistic about the COVID-19 conditions. The size of the orchestra in combination with the orchestration is not optimal for performing with the current COVID protocols.

Please note, the Sept. 25, 2021 Weidner Philharmoic concert is still scheduled. Organizers are confident that the concert can be held safely as the number of players is smaller, the orchestration allows the concert to meet current COVID protocols and any pre-concert activities will not include an indoor dinner or reception.


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