UW-Green Bay now has access to Zoom but is intended for classroom use

As of Monday, August 16, 2021, all UW-Green Bay students, staff, and faculty will have access to Zoom through a UW System licensing agreement. Please keep in mind that Zoom at UW-Green Bay is intended for classroom use or for those circumstances in which Teams cannot be utilized.  To provide a consistent user experience and maximize efficiencies, internal meetings should still be conducted using the Teams, the primary video conferencing solution for our campuses.

To access your new UW-System Zoom account, log into https://wisconsin-edu.zoom.us. Sign in with your UW-Green Bay email address and password. Zoom will then prompt you to confirm your email address and send you an email. The email will prompt you to activate your new account, or – if you previously registered for a Zoom account with your UWGB email address – the email will prompt you to switch your existing Zoom user account into the UW System Zoom account.

For more information on moving a preexisting Zoom user account into the UW System Zoom account, including a list of what is and is not retained when moving the account, please see https://uknowit.uwgb.edu/112913.

On Monday, August 16, users who had previously registered for Zoom using their UWGB email address and who have not yet joined the UW System Zoom account by logging in as described above will begin to see a prompt to either join their preexisting Zoom user account into the UW System Zoom account or change the email address associated with their preexisting Zoom user account. This prompt will appear each time the user logs into their preexisting Zoom account. Users may skip this prompt up to three times before they will be forced to select an option.

Lastly, Zoom/Canvas integration will go live on August 16, 2021 at 6:00 am CST. Instructions for accessing Zoom in Canvas can be found here: https://uknowit.uwgb.edu/112974

For more information refer to these KBs:

Zoom Overview: https://uknowit.uwgb.edu/112903

Consolidating Existing Accounts: https://uknowit.uwgb.edu/112913

Signing into the Desktop Application: https://uknowit.uwgb.edu/112975

For quick access, the Zoom Sign in web address is located on the “web page quick links” and “Faculty & Staff resources” pages as well.




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