Introducing Chartwell’s on-site Management team

UW-Green Bay welcomes Chartwells and their “new” management team to the campus community.  With four members of the prior management team continuing their service on campus now with Chartwells, and two UWGB alumni joining the team, this new staff is excited to provide dining services at UWGB.  Meet your team members:

Tammy Swanson, Director of Dining Services

Tammy started as a banquet lead and has worked her way up the ladder to director. She loves to travel but admits she should be spending the money on replacement windows at home instead. Tammy’s favorite food is dark chocolate.

Sarah Johanski, Assistant Director of Dining Services

Sarah is a De Pere native and graduate of UWGB. She loves to read and organize things. She is a mother of two children and has worked on campus for three years. Sarah’s favorite food is steak.

Corey Arndt, Executive Chef

Corey’s mother wasted too much zucchini so at six years old he began making zucchini bread. He delivered the loaves by bicycle to the neighbors, baking soda lumps and all. Corey’s favorite food is tater tot casserole.

Jolene Sell, Registered Dietician

Jolene grew up in Menasha and is a UWGB graduate. She loves to run and working as a dietician is a great supplement to running. Jolene loves butternut squash risotto.

Alise Krueger, Director of Catering

Alise is a volleyball player and chocolate lover who has worked on campus for five years.

Sherry Zuege, Marketing Director

Sherry is an Army veteran and recent UWGB graduate. Her favorite food is fruits and veggies fresh from the garden that are still warm from the sun.

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