Announcement about Dean of Students office restructuring

Vice Chancellor for University Inclusivity and Student Affairs Corey King, made this announcement by e-mail this week:

As our required support for our students increases, we must collectively and collaboratively respond to ensure student success across all our campuses. The Dean of Students Office is a central point in serving our campus community through a variety of high impact initiatives/services.

Effective July 1, 2021, the following restructuring will reflect our enhanced responsibilities toward student success:

  • Assistant Vice Chancellor, Gail Sims-Aubert, will transition from the Office of Residence Life to serve as Assistant Vice Chancellor and Dean of Students. Gail will also provide oversight to the Wellness Center-Student Health/Counseling Services (Amy Henniges), UREC & Kress Center (Jeff Kruger), and other divisional collaboratives focused on student success.
  • Mark Olkowski will serve as the Associate Dean of Students, serving as Chair of the CARE and Behavioral Intervention Teams, as well as working with Gail to continue to provide quality student support services.
  • Erin Van Daalwyk, will be equally dividing her efforts between the Dean of Students Office and serving as Assistant Dean of Students/Assistant to the Vice Chancellor focused on co-curricular academic collaboratives such as the Phoenix Childcare Program, First Generation Student Collaborative, and the Summer Bridge Program.
  • James Zarling will become full-time in the Dean of Students Office.
  • Additionally, to enhance student support services/enrollment services/academic support services to our students at the location campuses, two Assistant Dean of Students positions are being identified for Marinette and Sheboygan/Manitowoc.

“I am grateful to the Dean of Students Office for consistently performing commendably in service to our campus community through a variety of high impact initiatives,” King said.


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