Rental company’s ‘CarShare’ service comes to campus this fall

Being introduced to incoming students and their parents at FOCUS this year, but also available to all students, faculty and staff is the opportunity to join Enterprise CarShare. Two cars will be available in the Main housing parking lot in late August for hourly, daily and overnight rental. Supported by the campus Sustainability Committee, the program is being offered as an alternative transportation option to encourage students who may only need to use a car every once in a while to leave their car at home and it also provides options to students who don’t have a car, as well as to faculty/staff who may need a car for a quick trip in town. In order to participate you must become a member of the program. (Note that this is a personal membership and for personal use only.) A yearly membership fee is charged, along with hourly rental charges. Enterprise is currently running a promotional program that allows you to join for $10 and receive $35 in driving credits. Use Promo code: CAMPUS2014. (The introductory signup offer expires Aug. 1)

All the details of how the program works can be found at: Enterprise will also be funding a paid student internship position beginning in the fall to help market the program and maintain the cars. See more information on the position and an application.

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