New York Musical Theatre Festival promotes Sutton’s ‘Searching for Romeo’

A representative from the New York Musical Theatre Festival shared this promotional blurb this morning. It includes dates, times and more:

Associate Professor of Humanistic Studies Brian Sutton’s original musical “Searching for Romeo” is now a 2014 New York Musical Theatre Festival selection.

A Special UWGB Invitation to
The New York Musical Theatre Festival & SFR, LLC Presentation
of the New York Premiere of
Book, Music, and Lyrics by Brian Sutton

Please join us for one of the following shows!
Tuesday, July 8th at 8pm
Thursday, July 10th at 5pm
Friday, July 11th at 9pm
Saturday, July 12th at 5pm
Sunday, July 13th at 12pm

PTC Performance Space
555 West 42nd Street (close to 11th Avenue)
New York, NY 10036

After her high school boyfriend dumps her, modern-day Roz somehow finds herself in fair Shakespearian Verona, as Romeo’s girlfriend Rosaline. She wanders into the balcony scene only to learn that she’s been dumped again, before falling for another “loser” – Juliet’s rejected paramour, Paris. Can Rosaline and Paris achieve that which eludes Romeo and Juliet: a happy ending?

For more information please visit:

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