Current Young Professionals Workshop: How to Love the Job You’re In, March 17

Sometimes a job can leave you feeling fulfilled, but sometimes a job can feel just plain lousy. No matter which boat you’re in, understanding character development is the key to optimizing each stage of your career. During this 2-hour workshop, March 7 beginning at 7:30 a.m., Terri Jacke, MS will walk through the seven stages of character development, help you recognize what stage you are currently in, and identify ways to maximize your great (or lousy!) job.

NOTE: Current Young Professionals can purchase Terri Jacke’s book Is This a Lousy Job or Is It Me?, by visiting and entering code CYP2021 at checkout for 25% off. KEY TAKEAWAYS: Understand the seven stages of character development that we all go through over the course of our careers and what to expect during each stage. Recognize where you are in your character development journey today and how to move yourself forward for greater fulfillment from your work. Determine optimal strategies for addressing lousy elements of your current and future roles. UWGB employees and students who attended the Business Week Keynote Speaker event on February 23rd heard Terri Jacke speak much more briefly, and are welcome to join in this CYP event to unpack the topics more and apply them specifically to your roles.