A Profile in Busy

Ty'Liesha Johnson
Ty'Liesha Johnson pursues her career goals by starting with an Accelerated Degree.

Turning her “to-do” list into a “to-done” list is what Ty’Liesha Johnson is all about. Working and attending college full-time simultaneously would make that list impressive enough. But it’s her ultimate “to-do” that presents a challenge few would attempt.

“I want to have my own orphanage or foster home for kids and teens who aren’t placed into families. That’s been a desire of mine for a very long time.” She states these plans with such conviction, there’s no reason to doubt her sincerity. Especially when coupled with her current career and educational goals.

Having attended bible college and worked in full-time ministry, Ty’Liesha continues to work at a church in Kenosha where she lives. “I do volunteering, too. Always busy.”

Green Bay gave her a lot of good reasons to attend, including online classes in the program she was looking for. “I’m studying organizational leadership with an emphasis in early childhood education and profit/non-profit organizations.”

“I wanted something online that made sense for me and aligned with what I wanted to do in the future.” Ty’Liesha came in as first-year student, this year and enjoyed most of her classes. “A few were a little challenging, especially with my busy schedule.”

Her biggest concern is one shared by many students. “Being able to pay for college and still live life.” But from admissions, financial aid, and even the occasional wellness check, Green Bay has been with her all the way. But don’t take our word for it…

“I was having a very busy and crazy day and in the middle of it, I got a phone call from the University just to check in on me and see how I was doing,” Ty’Liesha recalls. “That made my day. I was overjoyed and couldn’t stop talking about it.” And if past results are any indication, the University will be talking to her for some time to come.

Ty’Liesha is earning her Associates Degree first with plans to continue to a bachelor’s degree later. She is enrolled through the Accelerated Degree program and will complete that program while receiving advising towards her ultimate goal of the bachelor’s degree. The Accelerated Degree program is designed to help learners balance the demands of home, work, and school by offering 7-week courses, allowing students to work through degree requirements quickly.

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