Prof. Bansal to lead AI bias discussion Feb. 24 at NWTC

Prof. Gaurav Bansal is excited to lead discussions on AI bias on Feb 24, 2022 at NWTC. The discussions are based on the virtual screening of the film “Coded Bias.” The movie narrates how Artificial Intelligence algorithms amplify our implicit biases. “AI is increasingly being used for decision-making by businesses, government executives, and the judiciary. However, we seldom ask questions such as how the AI arrived at a decision, what type of data was used to build the algorithm, how objective it is, and even less so – how accurate it is. Surprisingly, my cotton shirt has more dry-cleaning instructions written on it than an AI-based decision-making algorithm on how to use it, when to use it, and when not to use it. The coded bias hurts everyone, but it hurts the people in the minority the most, for now. Join us on Tuesday, Feb 24, 2022 for an engaging discussion on what coded bias is and what we can do.”

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