Please take the ‘speed test’ for Brown County (goal is increased equity and digital access across region)

The Digital Access Action Team was formed earlier this year by Achieve Brown County as a way to collectively address the need for increased equity in digital access brought forth by the COVID-19 pandemic and the shift to off-site/virtual learning. The team’s primary focus is improving digital access for K-12 and postsecondary students in Brown County, with a secondary focus on the larger New North Region. Through a collaborative effort with Geo Partners and utilizing their state of the art speed test, families can now take the first steps to improving their internet connectivity by testing their internet speeds and comparing them with the rest of Brown County. Families will be able to determine if their speeds comply with the 25 mbps download and 3 mbps upload speeds set by the FCC. Ultimately, data from the Brown County Speed Test will position the team, its members and other community entities to access, pursue and secure funding that will help drive equitable outcomes for ALL students in Brown County. The Digital Access Action Team is asking you to support this important effort by taking the following action:

Personally take the Speed Test.